Wednesday, February 1, 2012

{ wine-o }

i am not saying that i am in any way a wine connoisseur but i do like my vintage grape juice.  because my life is so laid back at the moment, i usually pour myself a goblet to take to my room to sip on while watching a movie and working on any type of paperwork i have for that evening. i have tasted many different wines over the years.  my absolute favorite was a 1997 insignia followed by a 2003 rudd that we had in celebration of graduating from college over a dinner at my favorite restaurant.  however, these, along with other favorites, are a little out of my price range for an everyday evening treat.  of them all, my daily go-to has been alamos' malbec.  it has a slight red cherry taste but finishes off slightly spicy with a hint of chocolate and oak.  its smooth finish leaves me lulling off to sleep without a long lasting aftertaste.  now, enough of the chit-chat, i have a glass to finish and a movie to attend to.  

{ image via alamos, dean and delucawinebid }

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  1. Yum, think i'll go pour myself a glass!

    Please come by Tulips&Tulle soon!