Friday, October 14, 2011

{ olive } soft skin

get it, olive... as in i-love... cheesy i know, but you can not deny that you do not agree with that statement.  we all, especially us ladies, want to have that soft silky skin that feels like a baby's bottom.  a large part of our problem is the fact that we have to shave our legs which ruptures the epithelial layer of our skin and removes our natural oils that keep our skin soft.  raise your hand if you use shaving creams when shaving your legs... stop it now!  many of the shaving creams do have oils from nuts and berries that help to keep our skin moisturized after we clip away those awful genetic traits we inherited from our great, great ancestors (damn you monkeys!!).  however, these same shaving creams and lotions that you think are helping your skin also have alcohol substrates that actually do the opposite of what we want (this goes for shampoos too).  instead (i have to give props to my current roommate for this new trick), use olive oil when shaving.  besides having tremendous health benefits when consumed, such as protection from heart disease, ulcers and colon cancer, it can also replace those natural oils your skin is emitting that you loose while in the shower.  just take a little from your kitchen stash and give it a try to see what i mean.


  1. Educating and so truly right, i never shave my legs but wax and also use my virgin natural olive oil on my skin , its so healthy and keeps my skin soft.

  2. Helo! I love your style! You have very beautiful pics! I will follow you:)
    Big hug & kiss:)

  3. what a brilliant idea --will have to try it--always looking to be smoother =)

  4. Love this going to try. thanks its always a good thing to find out new tricks that are even cheaper then the stuff you are using.
    Thanks :)