Monday, October 10, 2011

{ anatomy } addiction

i use google a lot when studying for anatomy.  it is so much easier to enter in the term of what i am looking for and clicking the 'search' button than taking the twenty minutes to search through my collection of books for the answer.  this past few weeks we have been focusing our attention on the head and neck.  there is so much to cover as we need to know the different muscles, arteries, veins, nerves and bony structures of the skull and cervical (neck) spine.  when i was searching for one of the multiple holes in our skull (the foramen ovale to be exact... yea, that's one of the million medically correct names i need to know by wednesday), i came across these printed napkins.  i thought they were so adorable that i searched more anatomically correct, handmade items that were being sold on etsy and came across these fun ones that  i just had to share:
in all sincerity, i think adding some medical items throughout your wardrobe or interior decore adds a little edge and mystery to any design or outfit.  you don't have to go to the extreme with it, having a skull or bone around every corner (or turn completely goth).  instead, have it simply incorporated and sprinkled throughout your everyday life, as seen by many fashion bloggers such as the glamourai here (love that rex necklace) or emily schuman from cupcakes and cashmere here and here (although she was decorating for halloween more so... but you still get the idea).  it just goes to show how beautiful we are on the inside as well as the outside.
{ images via etsy }

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  1. i reaaally get your addiction! i have the same one too!