Thursday, September 22, 2011

eat your { heart } out

like i had previously mentioned, my whole weekend was spent studying the bones, muscles and internal organs of the upper human body.  i didn't have much any time to do anything but.  instead of using a medical book to look up some of the missing concepts from sleeping in too late or daydreaming during lecture, i would use the internet (since i believe its a total waste of money and time with the amount of resources the internet provides).  while searching for correct details of the anatomical heart (which is by far the coolest organ), i came across this interesting cake by lily vanilli.  although the shape and vessels are somewhat anatomically correct, it doesn't look at all appetizing with the amount of watery frosting that encases it.  however, after finding out that it is filled with fluffy red velvet (my fave) and the frosting is red cream cheese, the thought of possibly taking a bite crossed my mind.
if you are interested in making your own bleeding heart, lily vanilli left instructions to follow here 
(i mean halloween is right around the corner)
{ images taken from lily vanilli }

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