Friday, September 2, 2011

{ bye bye } black undereyes

today is the first tailgate of the season as michigan state goes into battle with youngstown state for a night game.  although the weather is suppose to be perfect, i have had my share of surprising downpours.  i would always return home looking like a wet rat with my hair stuck to my head and my mascara running down my cheeks like i belonged in the band kiss. (however, i usually was drunk and didn't care at the time... until i saw the photos the next day, yikes!!)  it wasn't until midway through my undergrad that i tried clear mascara to get those natural looking, long lashes i had always desired.  the problem was that my lashes were to light to notice { epic fail }.  so instead, i applied the clear mascara followed by my regular lengthening lash magic.  not only did they look fuller, but when i washed my face (or it got wet) the mascara didn't run!  instead, small rubber-like black clumps just fell off without makeup remover (which always irritated my eyes) nor pulling out my lashes!!  so this weekend, or any other time you want to go out in the rain, try my trick and say bye bye to black death and hello to naturally fresh.


  1. Beautiful blog <3

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  2. Great tip!!!! I have to get one of those clear mascaras now!

    Belly B :)

  3. uffff I hate it when my mascara smudge ,thanks for the tip :)