Thursday, September 8, 2011

{ slows } down & enjoy the ride

with my boyfriend living close to detroit, we always take advantage of the home sporting events (the red wings were national champs eleven times). however, when we plan to head into the city we usually bee-line it in to and out of our destination, missing all detroit's hidden jewels. we always drove past this one particular bbq bar that sits on the corner of an intersection with a sign the size of a pizza box that reads slows bbq.  last week, my boyfriend's foodie of a coworker recommended that we made a pit-stop at slows so we decided to give it a try. we attempted to take a buddy along for the taste testing this past saturday but were deferred by the two hour wait. we made a second attempt sunday night with my boyfriend's parents and managed to squeeze right in (after we hawked some people at the bar for their seats when they were finished ). i was pleasantly surprised when i had finished my entire plate of pulled pork, cornbread and green beans (which was enough to feed a cow). i would have to say it was the best bbq i have ever had (and only for $12).  i most definitely recommend it!!!
{ huge layered wood door & patio seating with a line up & down the sidewalk}
{ layered wood & exposed brick walls surrounding a central copper bar }
{ the special touch of slows is you concoct your own bbq sauce from those provided to put on your meal.  my personal combo: equal parts sweet & maple with a small hint of NC }
{ images taken via the iphone (forgive me, but i had broken my camera at a baseball game and haven't gotten a new one yet) }

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  1. love all the photos