Monday, September 12, 2011

{ cities in dust }

a friend recently introduced me to these bracelets by cities in dust and it was like falling in love all over again.  my heart sunk when i realized i actually did have to remove the arm-candy from my wrist and return them back to her when trying it on for size.  as soon as she was gone, i immediately jumped online to research further and i found that they made  more than just bracelets (just what i need, a larger selection to choose from...).  their pieces are all handmade using vintage brass and black enamel chains, common everyday items (if you would call a bullet casing a common  day item), brass findings and beads, and carefully picked stones and glass.  the items have a very prairie-esque feel with a rocker edge as each piece intermixes the textures and shapes of the different materials.  you can either order any of their masterpieces from etsy here, or personally pick one up at one of the following stores in chicago or nyc: 

1452 W. Chicago Ave
Chicago, IL

1509 N. Milwaukee
Chicago, IL

Post 27
1819 W. Grand Ave
Chicago, IL

1818 W. 18th Street
Chicago, IL

Cloak and Dagger
441 E. 9th Street
New York, NY

regardless how, i need to get my paws on them!!

{ images taken from etsy and cities in dust here }

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  1. i love the first picture. those bracelets are so original!