Friday, September 30, 2011

MK flats { diy }

speaking of nude... i found this great diy for michal kors olivia leather ballet flats.  looks like mama is making herself a new pair of shoes this weekend.
nude ballet flats as seen above can be purchased from here for only $25!!
{ image via polyvore }

Thursday, September 29, 2011

{ birthday } suit

nude, cream, beige... there has always been something about these creamy colors that makes me think class. i dont know if it is the elegant forms that they take on (as it is seen as lace, silk or sophisticated structures) or how they really makes someone's skin glow.  anyways, i have been seeing more of these neutral hues this fall, especially paired with rich contrasts, such as black, navy or even red, and cannot wait to jump this trend bandwagon. (by the way, how adorable is that cuff??  the price tag isn't as appealing, but i'm thinking how easy it would be to diy... hmm...)
{ counter clockwise: }
gala curios frilled nude cuff $300
reiss ariana utility shirt $170

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

dear { blank }

i almost died when i read these dear blank letters by sapling press.  you can order these little samples to frame and post around your place here for $4.50 a piece.  or if you just want to read more of these quaint letters, you can catch them here at (which may archive even funnier ones than those below).

{ images from etsy }

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

{ pucker } up

i am always on the go and never really have time to put makeup on.  i always feel so naked and dumpy when i leave the house bare.  thank god i came across an old lip and cheek stain from the body shop that i had stashed away when i was an at home consultant (which was at the age of 14 and when i was clueless what it even was).  instead of sucking on a red popsicle to get those long-lasting luscious reds, a swift swipe of this stuff will make those plain janes look like scarlett johanssons for hours (minus the stained teeth and tongues).  the body shop lip and cheek stain in rose pink has been my daily go-to, however, im thinking i need to try out a few of the other colors i came across while making this post (such as that vincent longo pearlessence gel stain in pink bellini ). 
the body shop lip & cheek stain $14 (or buy 2 get 1 free!) - comes in 2 colors (above is rose pink) }
 { sephora lush flush lip & cheek stain $12 - comes in 3 different colors (above is red wine) }
 { stila lip & cheek stain $24 - comes in the above colors }
vincent longo pearlessence gel stains $22.50 - comes in 3 colors (above is bellini love) }

Monday, September 26, 2011

street { art }

OaKoAk, why haven't you come and done this around our campus. my forty minute hike would be so much more enjoyable.
{ images via }

Friday, September 23, 2011

{ nico's }

this past weekend, my boyfriend decided to be extra romantic and took me across the boarder to this quaint italian restaurant.  at first i was skeptical as i am not one to necessarily change up my eating routine when i go  to visit him in one of the largest ethnic cities in the u.s., dearborn, mi (the arabic food is fabulous!!).  however, when i walked through the cast iron bared door i was pleasently surprised and definitely recommend it to anyone in the area. (might as well hit up the casino at windsor while your at it as well ;) ).
{ the waiter, marco's, cosmo special which tasted a lot like pink lemonade (yummy) }
{ my favorite, creme brûlée }

Thursday, September 22, 2011

eat your { heart } out

like i had previously mentioned, my whole weekend was spent studying the bones, muscles and internal organs of the upper human body.  i didn't have much any time to do anything but.  instead of using a medical book to look up some of the missing concepts from sleeping in too late or daydreaming during lecture, i would use the internet (since i believe its a total waste of money and time with the amount of resources the internet provides).  while searching for correct details of the anatomical heart (which is by far the coolest organ), i came across this interesting cake by lily vanilli.  although the shape and vessels are somewhat anatomically correct, it doesn't look at all appetizing with the amount of watery frosting that encases it.  however, after finding out that it is filled with fluffy red velvet (my fave) and the frosting is red cream cheese, the thought of possibly taking a bite crossed my mind.
if you are interested in making your own bleeding heart, lily vanilli left instructions to follow here 
(i mean halloween is right around the corner)
{ images taken from lily vanilli }

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

mrs. { metalica }

as seen last week, metallics are making a come-back for this fall.  i absolutely adore their pairing with a solid, deep color or even a slumpy sweater or pant.  they really make any drab outfit look rich and carefully pieced.  i jumped ahead of the game last year and purchased this 'to die for' sequin skirt from jcrew.  i am anxiously awaiting to wear it out to dinner or an event since the disco-ball-esque appearance may be too much for walking across campus.

{ counterclockwise with picture: }

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

{ role } play

sorry about a lack of postage yesterday.  yesterday morning was my first anatomy exam (cross fingers for me) and i didn't have time to do anything this weekend but study, study, study.  once i was done, i participated in 'medical monday' by relaxing and sipping on some vino.  i just wish i had one of these fun little cupcakes to accompany my party scene:
can you say yum?!
{ images taken via buzzfeed }

Friday, September 16, 2011

{ fashion week } favorites

as fashion week is coming to a close, i have decided to make a small collaboration of some of my favorite trends that are hitting the scene for the upcoming year.  lets first start with 3.1 phillip lim, whose spring collection i am just obsessing over.  why might you ask?  lets take a peak:
the bright pastels... 
the watercolor prints... 
the clean lines... and the silk trousers!! omg, don't get me started on the silk trousers!! silk has been my go-to fabric with the extremely warm weather and my ten mile long hike to class (until yesterday when temperatures hit rock bottom... at 40 degrees in the morning).  
i also have been crushing on isaac mizrahi's spring inspired looks that includes pretty florals and over the top bows:
how can i manage to work these pieces into my closet?  don't we have a formal or something to go to soon???? (sigh)
last but not least, what about alice+olivia's classy prep looks:
(totally obbbbbsessed with these boots!! in the words of the fashion guru, rachel zoe herself, these are mah-jor!!)
their different prints, textures and colors are just stunning.  i am so happy to see the metallics and sequins returning to the trend for fall along with the rustic oranges and reds (although its not like those ever left.. aka. staple fall colors).  can you also see the hint of fur? what did i tell you...
{ images from }

Thursday, September 15, 2011

{ gel } fingers

oh my god!!! how freaking cool is this christopher kane gel-filled clutch?! it somewhat reminds me of my childhood.  mom would always buy us those gel-filled tubes that had fish or some other random item inside and you would have to try and hold onto it without it slipping through your fingers.  (anyone else know what i'm talking about?)  regardless, i am in love with this clutch as well as his new revolution of a collection he developed for 2012 (which you can see the rest of here).

christopher kane aqua gel-filled pvc clutch $720
{ images from net-a-porter }