Wednesday, November 30, 2011

claim to { state }

in preparation for next semester, i had to write a proposal for my public health practicum that i am have to do as my final project for my masters.  i am going to be looking at public health policy for vascular air embolisms (aka. air in the blood vessels) during high risk procedures.  while i was looking for information about my topic, i stumbled across this image of each state's 'claim to fame' failure.  although it has nothing to do with fashion, beauty or art, i figured it was definitely something interesting to share.  what state are you from and what are you worst at?
{ image via pleated-jeans }

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

you { animal }

they surround us.  they started in the wild, transported to the zoos, but have now worked their way into our home and wardrobe.  i already mentioned how animals have started to integrate into my life back in this post, however, here are a few critter-esque options i would love to also incorporate:

Monday, November 28, 2011

drawing { reality }

hello all my lovelies. i am sorry i have been mia so frequently these last few weeks.  the holiday + school has seriously taken over my life as well as some personal matters.  regardless, i am ashamed to have left you all hanging.
this past weekend was delightful as i celebrated thanksgiving with my family... every day for the past four days. i dont think i will ever look at turkey the same (or at least not until this time next year).  the best part about the holiday was that i got to see my second cousin, rhett.  he is six and we rarely get to see him when we see the rest of our relatives.  he is my inspiration for this post.
the whole weekend, he expressed his love for mario and luigi.  although they are cartoon characters, i consistently caught him talking to them while playing his nintendo ds as if they were sitting right next to him.  he truly believes they are real.
it was much to my surprise when i came across this website which took children's drawings of their imaginations  and turned them into realities.  even though there are plenty stuffed characters and figurines of the mustache brothers, i wonder if they can do the same for one of rhett's beloved interpretations.  here are a few that have been developed for other children:

Friday, November 18, 2011

{ dannijo }

i was first introduced to dannijo statement pieces when reading up on the man repeller one day.  i quickly became obsessed to this piece as mentioned here.  but the obsession didn't stop there as i gazed upon the rest of the collection.  i wish i wasn't such a broke college student because i think i would own basically every single piece.  until making the big bucks, swooning from afar.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

christmas { wish } list

sorry i have been so mia this week. i had my second to last anatomy exam monday and then i was trying to work on a paper for another class for my masters.  (ugh).  anywho, during my short breaks in between, i did a little online shopping in preparation for black friday.  i realized that i don't want much for christmas this year, but the few things i do want are must-haves.  (thankfully for my parents and boyfriend, my list only constitutes 8 things :) ).  here are the items i am coveting for christmas:
xmas list

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

{ pop-out } art

how cool are these!? yuki matsueda is only 21 who graduated from tokyo university of the arts with a ph.d.  his claim to fame is taking average, everyday items and exaggerating specific details of each.  my favorite is the one with the line of speckled eggs...  what about you?
{ images from sweet station and mizozo}

Friday, November 11, 2011

{ holiday } cap

sorry about the lack of post yesterday, but i have been extremely busy studying for my exam come monday.  when i get home from studying i literally pass out as my head hits the bed. 

anyways, yesterday was our first snowfall.  although we only got about a millimeter of snow, the temperature dropped below freezing.  in preparation of the bitter cold front, i found these cute hats that correspond with the upcoming holidays that i just had to share.
what says holiday cheer better than a roasted turkey on your head?!  

don't worry, there's a year round version for all of you that would feel weird with the turkey on your head come february:

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

sidewalk { chalk }

we have all had those days were we sit on the black top drawing out our fantasies of dragons, future homes with flowers and going to the moon.  well, these individuals took it to a whole new level that made you take a double take on reality.
{ images via nick cannon }

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

{ tech } age

in the last two decades, our society has gone from writing letters with a pen and piece of paper to sending a wireless side note within seconds.  we started with floppy disks, moved to cds and evolved into personal handheld computers that are the center of our universe.  we have lost touch with our true selves as we have become dependent on the internet and social networks to do our personal tasks.  nick gentry has taken these obsolete media files and transformed them to express our true identities that are conserved within the files under the paint.
{ images via gentry }

Monday, November 7, 2011

falling for the { boys }

a friend of mine had made a comment to me about the blog a few weeks ago how, although it was fun and inspiring for women, it lacked a masculine touch.  he, and the fact that it is movember, had inspired me to include a few posts about men's fashion that would go nicely with those newly grown mustaches (and beards) this month brings. movember is the "manly month" of the year where men from all over dedicate that growing furry bug under their noses to raise awareness and funds for men's health, especially prostate cancer.  even though it is for a good cause, i cannot stand the facial hair that is longer than a 5 o'clock shadow.  regardless, here is a pristine outfit to fit that new lumber-jack-of-an-accessory these men will be sporting starting with a plaid shirt.  remember how i told you about how i was absolutely turned onto plaid here?  well, while making this post, i stumbled across the exact same plaid shirt the kid in lab was wearing (and which i had absolutely fell in love with).  low and behold, it is from nautica that you can get here on sale! 
well, you can't just wear a shirt out in your cute whitey-tighties and socks like tom cruise in risky business, so i figured i'd go ahead and complete the look:
now depending on the weather, i would go with either of the following (preferably with the sweater... the detail is fabulous):
and for those who are in college still or even have a long walk to work (and a lot to carry):
( this is the same bag that i had mentioned in my first post here! )