Friday, August 19, 2011

{ cat & mouse }

after seeing theglamourai's posts here and here, i decided to start my own little collection of figurine pets.  when i laid my eyes on her vintage brass mice, i immediately went to ebay in search of my own little family.  to much surprise, i was able to find two and couldn't hit the 'commit to buy' button fast enough.  however, after receiving them in the mail, i decided to split their relationship by leaving one at home and taking the other to my boyfriend's for when my rings need a place to rest while staying with him (knowing me, i'd loose them as soon as i put them down).
fast forward a few months to the day i decided to run over to bay city, mi to check out the extravagant vintage stores they have along their main street.  it was then when my mouth dropped to the floor (and i may have let out a small squeal, although if you ask my boyfriend he may say different) as i had spotted bagheera.  i snagged the jet black porcelain panther off the shelf and scurried anxiously to the counter to make the purchase.  he now sits atop his little perch in my room watching my every move (such a typical panther).
{images taken via instagram}


  1. The mice are darling! I hope you keep the panther in another room!

  2. The mice are so cute!