Monday, August 22, 2011

medical { monday }

this fall i will be taking anatomy in preparation for medical school next summer.  when i was an undergrad, i always heard of 'medical monday' as if it was some holiday (and apparently it is).  mondays are the days the professors schedule exams for classes.  after spending the whole prior weekend cramming for their exams, the students beeline it to the bars to relax once their pain is over.  as much as i love fashion and art, i am also obsessed with the sciences.  i had found these items on etsy that are adorably fun, not overly morbid, and fulfill all of my artistic and biological science needs (how perfect!):
{ image from encoreprints on esty ($10) }
{ image from shopdirtsa on etsy ($65) }
{ image from yourorgangrinder on etsy ($65) }
{ image from billyblue22 on etsy ($38) }
{ image from kivaford on etsy ($65) }
how adorable is that little brain?! 

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