Wednesday, August 31, 2011

fall color report { part II }

i was so happy to see mustard was one of the colors that was highlighted in fall fashion previews.  i always loved how the yellow really stood out with a white tank and deep navy jeans (such a pretty student look).  as i was scoping the scene for color samples, i came across these mustard polka dot trousers that are only $90 and would look fabulous with a gray tank while the weather transitions from scalding hot out to teeth chattering cold (gimme gimme!!).  along with these much desired trousers, here is the continuum of yesterdays color scheme:
fall favorites 2

 { from left to right along the color line, top to bottom: }

however, since most of my time this semester (actually, about 85% of it) will be spent in the lab, this will be my attire that i will be modeling this fall (sigh):
{ from left to right: }
white lab coat
blue scrub bottoms
nike tennis shoes

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  1. love all of those colors for fall!

    xoxo bun.