Tuesday, August 23, 2011

the { anti } snap

being a highlighted blonde, i find my hair always snapping and breaking off (i shed worse than a black lab in the spring).  occasionally i find myself with new bangs when i clearly didn't ask for any at the last visit to the salon. one day, when i was chatting with a women i worked with over the summer about my highlighting blues, i was introduced to redken extreme anti-snap.

its like perfection in a bottle.  i can confidently say that a small dime size of this light cream has been keeping my hair silky smooth, vibrant and stronger then rope.  the surprisingly large bottle goes from anywhere between $12-$18 at any professional salon.  i highly suggest it to anyone who over processes their hair, is constantly picking split ends or who sheds like lassy (woof woof).


  1. This stuff is amazing! I love it.


  2. i gotta try this. my blonde hair sheds like crazy too, i thought it was just me!