Thursday, August 25, 2011

these { boots } were made for walking

boots have always been a popular trend among the population (especially among those who live in areas where the weather demands them). since their most popular fashion 'dos' change consistently year to year, even season to season, its hard to keep up with the most recent style of paw accessories.  this fall seems to be calling for a short leather bootie.  i don't know how to describe this craved style as i find it to be slightly confused with its origin. its not necessarily a western cowboy nor is it a business pro that would walk through the doors of the corporate headquarters.  maybe the best way to describe it is the "run through the fields of daisies" bootie?  or "lazy walk through central park"?  either way, i am obsessed with them. 

{ ash jess boot ($250) }

{ report marks ($109) }


  1. Love this style, they are so flattering, and very comfortable!

  2. I love that selection. I cannot wait for the autumn to wear them again - we need them in London...