Friday, February 10, 2012

legs { exposed }

i must have these exposed leggings by the australian company black milk clothing!!!!  their perfect for when i don't feel like getting dressed in the morning while also supplying an image when i need to look up the relationship of something in the leg come fall. ( win, win )

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

{ wine-o }

i am not saying that i am in any way a wine connoisseur but i do like my vintage grape juice.  because my life is so laid back at the moment, i usually pour myself a goblet to take to my room to sip on while watching a movie and working on any type of paperwork i have for that evening. i have tasted many different wines over the years.  my absolute favorite was a 1997 insignia followed by a 2003 rudd that we had in celebration of graduating from college over a dinner at my favorite restaurant.  however, these, along with other favorites, are a little out of my price range for an everyday evening treat.  of them all, my daily go-to has been alamos' malbec.  it has a slight red cherry taste but finishes off slightly spicy with a hint of chocolate and oak.  its smooth finish leaves me lulling off to sleep without a long lasting aftertaste.  now, enough of the chit-chat, i have a glass to finish and a movie to attend to.  

{ image via alamos, dean and delucawinebid }

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

{ molly's }

there aren't very many fancy restaurants in my hometown.  usually when we want to go out to dinner we only have the choice of franchise chains, such as logans, buffalo wild wings, benigans and ruby tuesdays.  as i had said here, i was able to force my father to deviate from the norm and take us to a quaint restaurant down on main street called mollys.  the food was absolutely fabulous as we dined with molly, herself, entertaining us with the small band that consisted of a piano and a bass.  
{ mediterranean chicken soup with kalamata olives}
{ coconut encrusted tilapia with apple chutney }
{ almond encrusted mahi mahi }
{ pumpkin and ricotta ravioli with a white wine sauce }

Monday, January 30, 2012

just { relax }

{ vintage sweater, forever 21 jeans, handmade necklaces }
this weekend was a very relaxing weekend. a friend came to visit me but he spent most of his time with my father sampling port wine and sake, leaving me and my ipad in solitude on the couch (and no, i wasn't etrading). we did eventually go out shopping to the outlet mall and dinner downtown, which allowed me to test out the family heirlooms i had gotten the weekend prior. although i had to deal with the two bumbling drunks, we still had a great weekend catching up and laughing.

Friday, January 27, 2012

just in { case }

i had gotten an ipad for christmas from dad for the upcoming start of medical school. it will allow me to watch lectures on the go and keep me up to date with my hectic schedule.  therefore, i want to keep this little bad boy safe.  i've been deeply torn between the hard cases below.  i don't know if i should go with the elegant gold and black:
or the one that will allow me to spot it mid-night when i pop up in bed needed to double check a medical term or pathway:
what do you think? any other suggestions?