Monday, January 23, 2012

{ heirlooms }

as I had pointed out here, my grandmother had passed a year and a half ago. the christmas following her death, my grandfather sent down her jewelry collection with my father to give to me as a gift.  i spent days digging through the gaudy jewels and sparkling gems picking out my favorites that would become everyday staples. this weekend, my parents had handed me over a plastic bag and box explaining it as a late christmas gift that they had left in the u.p. until this weekend when my mother went up there to visit my relatives. this is what was in them:
the chanel bag was a christmas gift to her about three years ago when her and grandpa were down to spend the holidays with us.  she had always wanted one and so when my dad and i spotted it at saks, we knew we couldn't pass it up.
the mink coat was a gift from my grandpa for her before i was born.  my aunt's family owned a mink farm back in the day and so she got to design the jacket herself, making it even more special.  best part: it fits like a glove. 

{ love and miss you grandma }

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