Monday, January 16, 2012

all { D'ed } out

okay, so if anyone was paying attention to my posts last week they would have noticed that they were appearing then magically would disappear and then reappear sometime later (it must have been the disney effect).  So instead of trying to correct it (which was virtually impossible from my ipad), i figured i would just wait until i got home to redo them.  Alas, the missing posts:
{ cinderella's castle }
most of my time in orlando last week was spent on disney's quarters.  as you read in my previous post, we spent our first few nights at disney's grand floridian before moving over to the caribe royal, which was where my father's conference was.  regardless if we were staying on or off the premises, we spent everyday except one at the disney parks.  although it was a lot of fun, i do have to say, i am a little disney'd out after a full seven days of fighting crowds, consuming pure salt, constantly pin-hunting and confronting the chilly temperatures that i was unprepared for.
{ tree of life }
{ epcot's spaceship earth}

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