Wednesday, January 4, 2012

chocolate { flames }

i have a very fond memory from when i was younger going to the country club with my family.  we only went a few times to splash around in the pool and to eat dinner.  but those aren't part of the memory i have.  i remember dessert.  it was a delicate chocolate mousse that melted as it touched your tongue.  it was served with fluffy cool whip and a maraschino cherry in a hard chocolate shell.  the overall presentation looked as if you had found the most magnificent pearl (or ruby due to the color of the cherry) within this dark, delicate clam.  (my mouth is watering already)
low and behold i came across this astonishing and extravagant dessert that reminded me of my still favorite after dinner serving.  how lovely would this be to serve to a bunch of my collage friends (college friends (n): those who love to have a wild time with dancing mixed with some alcohol resulting in minor destruction).  i haven't had the time to do a trial-and-error batch yet, but be my guest to do so... make sure to let me know if your house still stands afterwards.  
ingrediants and instructions for the cake mix and frosting used can be found here.
when cutting the strawberries, make sure that you don't cut through them.  we not only don't want to waste any of the liquor dripping down the sides and onto the table top, but we also don't want to burn the house down... unless your goal is to attract the cute firefighters.  in that case, skip the cupcakes and go straight to the pyro part.
use your choice of liquor that is above 80 proof to make sure you get a spark.
{ images via tip junkie }

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