Friday, January 6, 2012

on the { scale } of manipulation

remember back in the day when mom would buy us a disposable camera and we would go into the wilderness (or backyard) and snap shots of a ladybug crawling across a flower petal, a toad sitting in the windowsill corner or our friends or siblings jumping into a pile of leaves? we would venture out into the world searching for our next masterpiece to place on the refrigerator for the next week.  instead of going out and searching for her next set-up, lori nix creates her own photo environment by hand.  each diorama is only  centimeters in size and allows her to manipulate it to her desire.  her inspiration: our, as humans, everyday environment inhabited by humor and chaos intertwined with the beauty and tranquility of nature.  if you would like to see her full collection, you can click here or go and see it in person as it is currently at the toledo museum of art until march 18th.
{ images via lori nix }

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