Friday, August 26, 2011

{ trash or treasures }

i love going to garage sales.  you never know what kind of treasures your going to find.  sure, most of other people's garbage is, in fact, garbage, but there are occasionally moments where you may stumble across something better than finding a dollar bill on the ground.  this happened to me this summer when i measly walked down the street to a neighbor's estate sale.  she was from albania and had traveled the world due to her job.  walking up her driveway was like walking into saks fifth avenue with an 80% clearance sale.  she had fur coats from germany, a fur hat from russia (which i regrettably did not buy :( ), beaded necklaces from india, and much more.  although she had quite the collection, i only walked away with 3 items.  one was this alligator clutch that she had gotten in egypt.  as soon as i saw it, i knew i could not leave it behind.  its scaly texture and rich cocoa color contrasts beautifully with any light, soft sweater i throw on.
the tassels were added by me.  i made them following honestlywtf's diy here.
here are the other two items i picked up from the estate sale.  the peach feather pin is to die for. i can't wait to wear it with a navy striped top or a black blazer.


  1. Love the DIY tassels!

  2. I love that you added the tassels yourself -- I'm so jealous of people who can DIY ANYTHING.
    xo Josie