Monday, August 29, 2011

honey, i'm { home }

you know how everyone has that other place away from home where they feel comfortable and safe; their home away from home?  well, mine is in east lansing.  this weekend i moved back down to the college town due to required attendance by my medical anatomy class i am taking this fall.  i was completely tickled pink when i found out i had to start looking for a temporary place for the semester.  last year i was so busy commuting and studying that i didn't get to enjoy the perks of being a student.  a lot has changed even in the last few months since i have last been down here for a meeting.  the most crucial (and devastating) change was the relocation of my roommate's and my favorite bar, lou has, from its prime location downtown to where it sits today three hundred million miles away (its more like two miles but for a thirsty college student two miles is like half way across the globe).  although i am not as big of a drinker as i used to be in my undergrad days (thirsty thursday will most likely be out of the question), i am anxiously awaiting to 'study' on the second floor of the library, walk through campus as the leaves begin to turn, make the traditional late night stops at conrads before heading home from the bar, and start tailgating at eight am every home game saturday.  (i know my fellow spartans know exactly what i'm talking about)
{ sparty }
{ crucial late night pit stop: conrads }
{ the weather was perfect for welcome week }
{ turns out there is a small farmers market within walking distance of my new place every sunday morning.  organic/healthy lifestyle, here i come }
{ laying out during my down time }

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