Wednesday, August 24, 2011

trouser { turn-on }

this spring was the resurfacing of the high-waisted bell bottom trouser... you know, the parachute kind that looks if the wind blew hard enough you would swept off your feet and literally be "walking on [air]" (or sunshine, either one).  although i was so thrilled about this style, the summer has been way too hot for me to even think about putting on something that covered more than 35% of my legs (i absolutely hate sweating and for me it happens so easily - its a curse).  to much of my dismay, elevenses' doted denim trousers eased my trouser trouble.  
although a little long for my liking (i'm 5'7" and need to get them hemmed approximately 3"), the linen-esk material allows them to breath with the breeze while adding a little bounce in my step.  the thick waist band was the next selling point to its already broken-in-jean comfort (its like wearing pajamas or sweatpants) and will look adorable with a rich color skinny belt. my obsession with them has gone further as i have already designated them to be worn with a thick chunky sweater on those chilly september mornings as i walk to class.
{ images taken from ($128) }


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