Thursday, August 18, 2011

{ sprout }

for some, they have already heard of sprout. for those who haven't, he is my very little avocado tree. my family and i have been consuming avocados all summer as i had developed my own secret recipe for guacamole (oh, settle, a post will come soon enough).  instead of chucking the seed pits, i decided to start my very own avocado farm (currently i have nine seedlings).  only one has sprouted from the seed (hence its name), but the rest are not far behind as i have noticed they all grew roots (yeaaa!).
to start to grow your own avocado plantation follow these four easy steps: 1) clean the seed, 2) poke 3 toothpicks into the seed at equal angles, 3) place the seed in a small cup of water so that the toothpicks balance it so it is halfway submerged (as seen below) and in a place where it can get a lot of rays, 4) wait until roots begin to grow from the bottom and it sprouts from the top before planting it in a planter.
its nice to have some real shrubbery around the house, right??
{images taken via instagram}

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