Wednesday, August 31, 2011

{ rebecca minkoff } endless summer sale

i have been dying to get my hands on the supple leather macs by rebecca minkoff all summer.  although their summer sale doesn't have many mac options, there are multiple other be-a-utiful bags that i have been contemplating over.  not only are there bags, but she has added apparel and shoes into the sale mix. (some of her shoes are just gorgeous, such as the brooke/nude metallic snake sandals !!!) did i mention that the sale is basically 50% off their regular prices?! (i am a heavy bargain shopper so this must be a sign, right?) so wander over and check it out.  you never know what you may start to lust over that could fulfill all your handbag needs.

while your at it, you might as well enter her giveaway.  since it doesn't cost you anything to enter (no $$, no arms, no legs; just 2 seconds of your time), you might as well read the guidelines here  and enter... who knows, maybe you'll be the lucky one of the stunning apache pouch (as seen below)!!
{ images from minkette and }

fall color report { part II }

i was so happy to see mustard was one of the colors that was highlighted in fall fashion previews.  i always loved how the yellow really stood out with a white tank and deep navy jeans (such a pretty student look).  as i was scoping the scene for color samples, i came across these mustard polka dot trousers that are only $90 and would look fabulous with a gray tank while the weather transitions from scalding hot out to teeth chattering cold (gimme gimme!!).  along with these much desired trousers, here is the continuum of yesterdays color scheme:
fall favorites 2

 { from left to right along the color line, top to bottom: }

however, since most of my time this semester (actually, about 85% of it) will be spent in the lab, this will be my attire that i will be modeling this fall (sigh):
{ from left to right: }
white lab coat
blue scrub bottoms
nike tennis shoes

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Monday, August 29, 2011

honey, i'm { home }

you know how everyone has that other place away from home where they feel comfortable and safe; their home away from home?  well, mine is in east lansing.  this weekend i moved back down to the college town due to required attendance by my medical anatomy class i am taking this fall.  i was completely tickled pink when i found out i had to start looking for a temporary place for the semester.  last year i was so busy commuting and studying that i didn't get to enjoy the perks of being a student.  a lot has changed even in the last few months since i have last been down here for a meeting.  the most crucial (and devastating) change was the relocation of my roommate's and my favorite bar, lou has, from its prime location downtown to where it sits today three hundred million miles away (its more like two miles but for a thirsty college student two miles is like half way across the globe).  although i am not as big of a drinker as i used to be in my undergrad days (thirsty thursday will most likely be out of the question), i am anxiously awaiting to 'study' on the second floor of the library, walk through campus as the leaves begin to turn, make the traditional late night stops at conrads before heading home from the bar, and start tailgating at eight am every home game saturday.  (i know my fellow spartans know exactly what i'm talking about)
{ sparty }
{ crucial late night pit stop: conrads }
{ the weather was perfect for welcome week }
{ turns out there is a small farmers market within walking distance of my new place every sunday morning.  organic/healthy lifestyle, here i come }
{ laying out during my down time }

Friday, August 26, 2011

{ trash or treasures }

i love going to garage sales.  you never know what kind of treasures your going to find.  sure, most of other people's garbage is, in fact, garbage, but there are occasionally moments where you may stumble across something better than finding a dollar bill on the ground.  this happened to me this summer when i measly walked down the street to a neighbor's estate sale.  she was from albania and had traveled the world due to her job.  walking up her driveway was like walking into saks fifth avenue with an 80% clearance sale.  she had fur coats from germany, a fur hat from russia (which i regrettably did not buy :( ), beaded necklaces from india, and much more.  although she had quite the collection, i only walked away with 3 items.  one was this alligator clutch that she had gotten in egypt.  as soon as i saw it, i knew i could not leave it behind.  its scaly texture and rich cocoa color contrasts beautifully with any light, soft sweater i throw on.
the tassels were added by me.  i made them following honestlywtf's diy here.
here are the other two items i picked up from the estate sale.  the peach feather pin is to die for. i can't wait to wear it with a navy striped top or a black blazer.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

these { boots } were made for walking

boots have always been a popular trend among the population (especially among those who live in areas where the weather demands them). since their most popular fashion 'dos' change consistently year to year, even season to season, its hard to keep up with the most recent style of paw accessories.  this fall seems to be calling for a short leather bootie.  i don't know how to describe this craved style as i find it to be slightly confused with its origin. its not necessarily a western cowboy nor is it a business pro that would walk through the doors of the corporate headquarters.  maybe the best way to describe it is the "run through the fields of daisies" bootie?  or "lazy walk through central park"?  either way, i am obsessed with them. 

{ ash jess boot ($250) }

{ report marks ($109) }

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

trouser { turn-on }

this spring was the resurfacing of the high-waisted bell bottom trouser... you know, the parachute kind that looks if the wind blew hard enough you would swept off your feet and literally be "walking on [air]" (or sunshine, either one).  although i was so thrilled about this style, the summer has been way too hot for me to even think about putting on something that covered more than 35% of my legs (i absolutely hate sweating and for me it happens so easily - its a curse).  to much of my dismay, elevenses' doted denim trousers eased my trouser trouble.  
although a little long for my liking (i'm 5'7" and need to get them hemmed approximately 3"), the linen-esk material allows them to breath with the breeze while adding a little bounce in my step.  the thick waist band was the next selling point to its already broken-in-jean comfort (its like wearing pajamas or sweatpants) and will look adorable with a rich color skinny belt. my obsession with them has gone further as i have already designated them to be worn with a thick chunky sweater on those chilly september mornings as i walk to class.
{ images taken from ($128) }


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

the { anti } snap

being a highlighted blonde, i find my hair always snapping and breaking off (i shed worse than a black lab in the spring).  occasionally i find myself with new bangs when i clearly didn't ask for any at the last visit to the salon. one day, when i was chatting with a women i worked with over the summer about my highlighting blues, i was introduced to redken extreme anti-snap.

its like perfection in a bottle.  i can confidently say that a small dime size of this light cream has been keeping my hair silky smooth, vibrant and stronger then rope.  the surprisingly large bottle goes from anywhere between $12-$18 at any professional salon.  i highly suggest it to anyone who over processes their hair, is constantly picking split ends or who sheds like lassy (woof woof).

Monday, August 22, 2011

medical { monday }

this fall i will be taking anatomy in preparation for medical school next summer.  when i was an undergrad, i always heard of 'medical monday' as if it was some holiday (and apparently it is).  mondays are the days the professors schedule exams for classes.  after spending the whole prior weekend cramming for their exams, the students beeline it to the bars to relax once their pain is over.  as much as i love fashion and art, i am also obsessed with the sciences.  i had found these items on etsy that are adorably fun, not overly morbid, and fulfill all of my artistic and biological science needs (how perfect!):
{ image from encoreprints on esty ($10) }
{ image from shopdirtsa on etsy ($65) }
{ image from yourorgangrinder on etsy ($65) }
{ image from billyblue22 on etsy ($38) }
{ image from kivaford on etsy ($65) }
how adorable is that little brain?! 

Friday, August 19, 2011

{ cat & mouse }

after seeing theglamourai's posts here and here, i decided to start my own little collection of figurine pets.  when i laid my eyes on her vintage brass mice, i immediately went to ebay in search of my own little family.  to much surprise, i was able to find two and couldn't hit the 'commit to buy' button fast enough.  however, after receiving them in the mail, i decided to split their relationship by leaving one at home and taking the other to my boyfriend's for when my rings need a place to rest while staying with him (knowing me, i'd loose them as soon as i put them down).
fast forward a few months to the day i decided to run over to bay city, mi to check out the extravagant vintage stores they have along their main street.  it was then when my mouth dropped to the floor (and i may have let out a small squeal, although if you ask my boyfriend he may say different) as i had spotted bagheera.  i snagged the jet black porcelain panther off the shelf and scurried anxiously to the counter to make the purchase.  he now sits atop his little perch in my room watching my every move (such a typical panther).
{images taken via instagram}

Thursday, August 18, 2011

{ sprout }

for some, they have already heard of sprout. for those who haven't, he is my very little avocado tree. my family and i have been consuming avocados all summer as i had developed my own secret recipe for guacamole (oh, settle, a post will come soon enough).  instead of chucking the seed pits, i decided to start my very own avocado farm (currently i have nine seedlings).  only one has sprouted from the seed (hence its name), but the rest are not far behind as i have noticed they all grew roots (yeaaa!).
to start to grow your own avocado plantation follow these four easy steps: 1) clean the seed, 2) poke 3 toothpicks into the seed at equal angles, 3) place the seed in a small cup of water so that the toothpicks balance it so it is halfway submerged (as seen below) and in a place where it can get a lot of rays, 4) wait until roots begin to grow from the bottom and it sprouts from the top before planting it in a planter.
its nice to have some real shrubbery around the house, right??
{images taken via instagram}

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

copper { river } bags

i was browsing during one of my irritable moments while writing my final project for a summer class when i came across it... the most perfect brown raw leather messenger bag!!  as a handmade design from a shop out of nevada called copper river bags, it offers the right amount of structure as it does slouch.  the rustic detail and dark neutral tones have swooned me as i have fallen in love with everything this company have to offer, including their slim laptop bags that would double as a crossbody (functional and fashionable: so ideal!!).  i may have just found my boyfriends new christmas gift already...

{images from copper river bags (bags range from $84 - $190)}