Tuesday, January 24, 2012

stuffed { chicken } breasts

my mom left us this weekend to take my grandmother back to the u.p. (for those who don't know what that is: the upper peninsula... don't make me pull out the hand gesture).  finally, the kitchen was all, and only, mine to use for new concoctions.  usually when shes home she always tries to take over whatever i meal i am making.  this, my friends, is a horrible thing since everything she touches burns to charcoal.  so,with her gone, i got slightly creative this past weekend and made these spinach and ricotta stuffed chicken breasts.
ingredients: chicken breasts, mushrooms, ricotta cheese and spinach (no specific measurements as i always alter the recipes to the way i would prefer them.  in this case... more ricotta!!)
chop the spinach and mushrooms.
mix the ricotta with the chopped spinach and mushrooms (i didn't mix mine with the mushrooms because, well, i hate mushrooms.  i only wanted to put mushrooms in my dad's so i just sprinkled them on the spread as seen below:)
now stuff them all!
after i stuffed all of the chicken breasts, i sprinkled the basic spices atop: black pepper, salt and a little garlic.  i also had drizzled olive oil across the tops of all of them to give them a small golden brown crisp surface once they are finished. 
now, i had originally seen this recipe where they wrapped the breasts in bacon to hold them together.  however, were trying to be healthy conscience in this family so i deducted that ingredient out.
it turned out to be very pretty.  however, i was disappointed that the ricotta didn't provide enough flavoring for my taste... so i added a little mozzarella on top before finishing the rest.  that was exactly what it was missing.   

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