Monday, October 3, 2011

{ forever } young

(wait about a minute after playing the video before starting to read... adds that extra 'oomph')
last week was a very dreary week for me.  yes, it was cloudy and rainy every... single... day..., but that is not what i am talking about.  it was the one year anniversary of the death of my grandmother.  but that wasn't the only thing... we had to put my dog down and i had been notified that my best friend from high school's father had passed.  i know, i know, it might seem like this is going to be a depressing post but its not, i promise.   if anything, it should help you appreciate your own life as it is written in celebration of not only their lives, but ours as we come to sense with reality that we will grow old.  my grandmother passed at only age 70 (and my friend's father at age 50... too young!) and i realized that although to some of us youngins 70 is pretty old, once you're there you still feel like you're 20-30 years younger.  to recognize our inability to somewhat accept our growing age, tom hussey captured how our elderly selves grab a hold to a certain age and have an extremely difficult time grasping reality.  instead of noticing the wrinkles, white hair (or lack there of) and the frail figures, we see the successful and younger version of ourselves that we so longingly remember.  so lets raise our glasses and welcome the future with open arms... we should not resist growing older as many are denied the privilege.
{ images via tom hussey }


  1. omg these images are making me weep. i feel as though i'm going through some sort of quarter-life crisis here. everything about growing old and living a full life makes me sob a little. hehe.. :)
    ps, !