Thursday, October 27, 2011

the walls have { eyes }

i grew up in a hunter home, surrounded by the trophies my father had gotten that year and those prior.  i have never minded them hanging on the wall, however, more than one can become a little overbearing (especially if they are real... talk about creepy when walking around alone at home).  i  was open minded to taking one once i got a place of my own, but i think i have found something a little more fun and a little less morbid.  horrible adorables has me absolutely 'awwwing' over there dr. seuss-esque taxidermy decor.  they are more adorable than the real deal with the plus side of not having to had killed anyone to fulfill my interior decor needs.  my favorite is the one above (i have always been dying to catch my own 'nessy'), but i can't ignore the ones below:     
{ wooly bool }
{ giant hedgie }
{ curly horned antelamb }
{ sherbert otter }
{ images via horrible adorables }

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