Wednesday, October 5, 2011

{ crisp } evenings

saturday was the first beautiful day in michigan for a while.  last week was rainy and cold indicating that fall had surely arrived (actually, may have just skipped fall and plunged straight into winter).  the day had started out similar with gray skys and a bit of frost, but took a turn at around noon to be one of those gorgeous fall days we have in michigan.  although the sun was in full force, it was still a bit on the chilly side so i had to wear the extra sweater to keep content.  the beautiful weather rolled right into this week as it turned into a heat wave, sending us back up into the 70's!!  looks like i won't be putting away those shorts quite yet.  Xcross fingersX that this weather holds for next week as michigan state takes on michigan (at least while i tailgate).
{ lulumari sweater, j crew chambray shirt (similar one here), vintage linea pelle belt, forever 21 chiffon skirt and necklace, diy bracelet, michael kors watchpour la victoire brown leather boots }

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  1. Love the easiness of your post and the delicate way you arrange them. Such a lovely blog!