Monday, October 24, 2011

coming { home }

the last two weeks and weekends have been crazy. they started off with my second anatomy exam followed by me playing catch up with the rest of my life. last weekend, a few of my old roomates and their boyfriends (or fiancĂ©) came up to stay with me and tailgate for the michigan game. we had a blast spending the day frolicking around campus, bypassing bar lines and having shark bowl races at our favorite local bar (aka hole in the wall called the landshark). the city was packed with alum as people from all over the country came home to cheer on their beloved college team.  this weekend, two of my friends came up for the homecoming game against wisconsin where we basically had a repeat of the week prior (did you get a chance to see the hail mary?? check it out).  i tried catching up on sleep last night, however, my high anxiety for my third anatomy exam this wednesday got the best of me.  i am anxiously awaiting this weeked where ill be spending my halloween in the warm weather of florida (a much needed vacation).

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