Friday, October 28, 2011

{ last minute }


if your anything like me, you leave halloween costume determination and design to the last minute.  i always am finding myself scrounging around the few days before for the most perfect costume to wear.  im not one to go out and buy one of those $50 pre-made ones that you can buy at the halloween stores (and look like about 80% of the people at the party).  instead, i like to use clothing items that i can reuse.  last year i was a peacock where i used a bright blue dress and attached feathers to it.  it turned out beautifully and cost my about $20 overall.  i have worn the dress since such as in the summer for a dinner party (the blue looks great against tanned skin).  i figured i would supply some of you last minuters with a few ideas as well.  if you already have one, share with me.... what are you going to be??

halloween 2

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