Monday, October 17, 2011

{ jaded }

my parents have an obsession with 'j' names and, actually, it seems as if the rest of my family does as well (total of 10... not including the pets).  both of our dogs that recently passed were also 'j's': joni (for the remarkable personality resemblance to joan rivers) and jasmine (for her resemblence to princess jasmine... only because she was black haired, courtesy of my sister).  my family has always been strong dog lovers and with the recent passing of our last one, they could not hold out for  more than a week... welcome jade, the fun loving fluff-ball of a malti-poo.

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  1. sorry about the other puppies :( but awww look at this baby jade. so adorable. btw, your parents got it right. love alliteration.

    ps, !