Tuesday, October 4, 2011

{ cider } season

i know all of you know what i'm talking about when i say how excited i get come september... it is the initial month of cider season! i love going to the cider mill to enjoy a hayride through the orchards and some cider and hot donuts under one of the trees afterwards.  my boyfriend and i took little mia to her first cider mill experience this weekend.  we decided to go to the franklin cider mill in franklin, mi.  although there was no hayride, we still were able to enjoy a half gallon (yes, a half gallon between the two of us) of cider and six donuts (again, yes, six donuts... we are total fattys) while witnessing mia's encounter with a miniture doberman (and we thought she looked like a little weasle... this thing was no bigger than a skinny squirrel).
{ although it is somewhat hard to really see in this photo, the engraving is actually the way the pumpkin grew rather then actually being carved into it.  i would love to know how this is done... how much easier would it be come halloween?! although, there wouldn't be any candlelight or roasted seeds }
{ choose which of their five apple types you would like to take home for your own apple cooking }
{ not only did they have donuts, caramel and candy apples, cider and pies but a whole selection of apple, maple and honey flavored syrups, bbq sauce, viniger, breads and more! }
{ as you can see in relation to the person next to it, this pumpkin was huge! }

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