Wednesday, October 19, 2011

easy-peazy { lemon } squeezy

i have always been one who has been very self conscious of what my skin looks like, especially my face (who isn't??).  it seemed as if the random zits would mystically appear at just the right times.  i would overly wash it to try to banish them as quickly as possible, only resulting in an overly dry face like the sahara desert and splotches from the different locations of where i start to peel.  over the summer, i had came across a natural remedy for a toner for such a skin type (or any other for that matter).  the ingredients:  lemon juice and water.  the acid in the lemon juice not only kills bacteria but also is a slight bleeching agent and can help fade those awkward acne scars.  it also doesn't dry you out like other facial toners that have alcohol.  i have to admit that my skin has never looked so good since i began using this secret.  (fun fact: did you know your skin status/acne is associated with your skin care regime and health habits of weeks prior to the day, not just last week?)

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