Tuesday, October 11, 2011

this year's { remix }

okay, okay, so its not technically this year's remix but close enough (only off by two years).  regardless of the date, my roomate (who was recently proposed to... congrats girl!!!) introduced this song by dj earworm to me and it has ever since been my number one auditory inspiration.  with my anatomy class taking over my life, especially with the biggest test coming up wednesday, i needed a lot more than just coffee to keep me going.  whenever i would leave the books, this song was the first thing i turned to.  at first it was hard to understand its theme as it switches constantly to the different songs it is composed of, however, after listening to it a bazillion times, i finally got the take home message.  see if you can catch it too:
if you, too, have become obsessed with this remix, check out the other mash-ups by dj earworm here.

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