Monday, November 28, 2011

drawing { reality }

hello all my lovelies. i am sorry i have been mia so frequently these last few weeks.  the holiday + school has seriously taken over my life as well as some personal matters.  regardless, i am ashamed to have left you all hanging.
this past weekend was delightful as i celebrated thanksgiving with my family... every day for the past four days. i dont think i will ever look at turkey the same (or at least not until this time next year).  the best part about the holiday was that i got to see my second cousin, rhett.  he is six and we rarely get to see him when we see the rest of our relatives.  he is my inspiration for this post.
the whole weekend, he expressed his love for mario and luigi.  although they are cartoon characters, i consistently caught him talking to them while playing his nintendo ds as if they were sitting right next to him.  he truly believes they are real.
it was much to my surprise when i came across this website which took children's drawings of their imaginations  and turned them into realities.  even though there are plenty stuffed characters and figurines of the mustache brothers, i wonder if they can do the same for one of rhett's beloved interpretations.  here are a few that have been developed for other children:

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  1. these would never hit the donation bin....what a gift!