Wednesday, November 2, 2011

{ bonjour } brunch

no bigger than a (larger) walk in closet, bonjour de paris is the best brunch spot in west palm.  they're known for their breakfast crepes and true french baked goods.  with the line out the door, we managed to snag a small table outside, greeted by a pirate and welcomed with a small basket of slices of a fresh baquette.  now i dont know about you, but when i think of crepes i think of nutella, cream and fresh fruits all stuffed in this thin waffer-like pancake and topped with chocolate syrup.  instead, i was suprised to find that is not the true crepe according to the french (which i should have known being more than half of the ethnicity).  the food was fabulous and we left stuffed, yet i still managed to snag a coffee macaroon for the walk back to the car.
{ the country crepe: bacon, avocado, eggs, spinach and cheese }
{ the little thank-yous we recieved after paying... went with the staff's halloween pirate theme }

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