Friday, November 4, 2011

cap { toe } diy

we have been seeing a lot of color blocking this season, especially in the feet accessories.  emily schuman from cupcakes and cashmere first introduced us to some from her selection here.  kelly framel from theglamourai also introduced us to zara's fall shoe collection with their fun and outrageous colorblocking combos here.  now, geri hirsch from because i'm addicted and sophie monet from stylehive have came up with a slight variation of the color blocking (more of a cap toe) that you can do on your own (and for a lot cheaper).  in their diy, they just color the toe of a pair of boots with white paint but why not add more color to the rest?  why not instead of white do a green or pink or even a stripe of gold above the cap toe detail?  get creative!
{ written instructions here }
{ images via because i'm addicted }

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