Monday, November 7, 2011

falling for the { boys }

a friend of mine had made a comment to me about the blog a few weeks ago how, although it was fun and inspiring for women, it lacked a masculine touch.  he, and the fact that it is movember, had inspired me to include a few posts about men's fashion that would go nicely with those newly grown mustaches (and beards) this month brings. movember is the "manly month" of the year where men from all over dedicate that growing furry bug under their noses to raise awareness and funds for men's health, especially prostate cancer.  even though it is for a good cause, i cannot stand the facial hair that is longer than a 5 o'clock shadow.  regardless, here is a pristine outfit to fit that new lumber-jack-of-an-accessory these men will be sporting starting with a plaid shirt.  remember how i told you about how i was absolutely turned onto plaid here?  well, while making this post, i stumbled across the exact same plaid shirt the kid in lab was wearing (and which i had absolutely fell in love with).  low and behold, it is from nautica that you can get here on sale! 
well, you can't just wear a shirt out in your cute whitey-tighties and socks like tom cruise in risky business, so i figured i'd go ahead and complete the look:
now depending on the weather, i would go with either of the following (preferably with the sweater... the detail is fabulous):
and for those who are in college still or even have a long walk to work (and a lot to carry):
( this is the same bag that i had mentioned in my first post here! )

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