Wednesday, September 14, 2011

creative { crayola }

stumbled across this crayola diy painting yesterday and figured i would share.  i love its rustic look while being bold with the different lengths of the bright and rich colors.  no need to go spend hundreds of dollars on an abstract painting when you can do one yourself at the cost of a crayon box (and i guess a canvas).
step 1: line all of the crayons of the colors your want in your final design along the top of a canvas, attaching them with either tape or glue (depending on whether you want to remove them after)
step 2: apply heat by simply running a hairdryer over the crayons until they begin to melt
voila!! you have your abstract art! im thinking you could get even more creative and melt in swirls? hm...
{ images taken from whatever }


  1. Love it! Do you know how to attach the crayons to the canvas? Glue? What kind?

  2. i love so creative.